Bombino Biography - The Story Behind A Great Musician

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"Bombino" Bio

Omara "Bombino" Moctar comes from the Tuareg, a large Berber ethnic confederation. In 1990, his family was forced to move to Algeria because of the riots associated with the Tuareg Rebellion. In those days, young Omara received his first guitar from his uncle. Having profoundly big desire to improve the mastery of the instrument, he joined the music group Haja Bebe where, as the youngest and smallest member of the band, he received his second name "Bombino".

The fundamental influence on the musical style of future guitarist were made by dint of popular video from the concerts featuring Mark Knopfler, John Mayall, Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page. Therefore, in a very short time, Bombino returned to Agadez in Niger and set up his career as the professional musician. Playing with different bands since 1997, the guitarist mastery quickly gained all the successful turns and gave him grounds for the beginning of solo swimming.

As a result, Bombino unveiled his first album titled Agamgam in 2004. Thereafter, one of the most remarkable concerts that guitarist played with other members of his Group Bombino, was recorded by Hisham Mayet, who worked with the Sublime Frequencies record label based in Seattle. Eventually, the record was released in 2009 with further recordings in the United States.

When Tuareg Rebellion repeated again in 2007, Bombino was outlawed for the Tuareg, as his instrument was seen as a sign of revolution. For this reason, musician left his home and moved to Burkina Faso. Bombino met there another filmmaker Ron Wyman in 2009 and together they shot the documentary film "Agades". This event gave the guitarist start of recording his next studio LP, namely Agadez in the United States in 2011 through Cumbancha. The album’s theme has received worldwide attention.

Dan Auerbach, the guitarist of the blues-rock duo The Black Keys, produced the third music work titled ‘Nomad’ in Nashville in 2013. The music magazine Rolling Stone ranked LP among the "50 Best Albums of 2013". In recent years, the talented blues-rock musician has strengthened his position in the world of music. Thus, since 2016 and his fifth studio album, Azel, Bombino drops albums one after another and presents new material to all his fans. The next album "La Sombra" by Residente (guest performance) was issued in 2017. At the moment, the guitarist is preparing to release his seventh studio album titled Deran.